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New writers will find that submitting a request to write their first article for New Online Writers BLOG is a hassle-free experience.

Decide on a Topic

Simply decide what you want to write about and get at it! You can select from one of the topics in our category menu, or just choose a topic of your own, as long as you remember:

  • You'll be writing for your fellow writers; they are your audience.
  • Make your articles and stories informative and helpful to the audience.
  • Find creative ways to motivate, inspire, and encourage fellow writers with your words. 

Your submission can be from 250 - 1500 words in length.

Give it your best effort when writing, formatting, and proofreading your work. But don't let that stand in the way of your creativity!

Minor editing will be done for typos and other technical errors. New writers are encouraged to apply, so don’t be shy.


The only mandatory requirements relate to typical online writing protocols and content etiquette. In other words:


  • Keep it clean! That goes for subject matter, and use of language (within reason) 


  • Don’t be offensive in your speech (harassing, discriminating or belittling ANYONE)


Send your submissions to us, either in the Email Body or, if you are sending a lengthy submission, send it in a Word .doc / Word. docx when possible. 


Submissions will typically be evaluated by the blog editor and published within 48 hours

SUBMIT YOUR INQUIRIES TO: and be sure to include "Blog Submission" in the Subject Line.